me gustas tu

I promise you will be in a better mood after listening to this song. It’s that great. An oldie, but a goodie!

so, there’s this blog i really like.

I live in Charlottesville, and somehow, someway, I stumbled across this local blogger who I absolutely love.  She’s thoughtful and funny and random and she sifts through the internet and finds the best blog entries around.  She also has incredible fashion and event savvy that I envy!  So, a big shout out to Stephanie Marie at the The Fete Blog for introducing me to this great questionnaire.  Even though I am thirty-one, she makes an excellent point.  Everyone should ask themselves these 11 questions.


Thanks demonflair for the photo!


the first time.

It’s spring time in Charlottesville and it’s absolutely gorgeous here.  Everything has turned from budding to blooming and the sky seems bluer and the sun is warmer and everything feels new again.  So what a fitting time to start a new blog about things I notice.  Things I like.  Lately I’ve noticed how beautiful the spring buds and blooms look against the sky, and how the shadows they cast are beautiful because even though they lack the color, they share the contrast.