try something new.

Try something new everyday.  Yesterday, I blogged on this new blog for the very first time.  And I did it FOUR times!  I am going to try something new everyday of this blog.  I just decided on this just this very moment, when my friend Katie told me the best blogs always talk about projects.  So, for these first thirty days of my new blog, I have to try something new everyday.  I’d like to think I will try something new for all the days of this blog.  But as I was chatting with my mama on the telephone last night, she told me to approach daunting, huge projects like eating an elephant.  One bite at a time.  At the time, eating an elephant sounded the opposite of appetizing.  I was overwhelmed with spring cleaning and I didn’t want to do it.  But I thought about that elephant a little longer, and before I knew it, I’d made the switch from winter to spring time in my closet.

Today, for something new, I kind of crashed a party.  It wasn’t completely crashing because it was a public event on Facebook and I joined it and invited friends, but once there I got the impression that it was perhaps by invitation.  So, check crashing a party off the list.

Another new thing I tried: I published by first survey on surveymonkey.  A little less glamorous than crashing a party, especially because the survey is for an rsvp to an event I am planning, but nevertheless,  a first in and of itself.

What will be new tomorrow?  I am going to have to get creative.


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