and, speaking of traveling.

So, I used to travel quite a bit. I  lived in Spain for ten months over the course of 2008 and 2009, and nearing the end of my time there I met the amazing Kate Thorman. Now Kate has a dream job of mine and has started Abbott & West, a pretty darn cool production company looking to make it to the big time.  In their words, they make “spirited, creative, and thoughtful media for our interconnected world. All our projects are designed to embody the all-encompassing media experience that we all live on a day-to-day basis. No project is exclusive to any one format, just as you are never solely on your phone or only watching TV. We aim to give our audience a media experience that fits the way you want to consume it.”

They got their name from Berenice Abbott, a young American who traveled to Paris and ultimately made famous the photographer Eugène Atget, and then came back to New York to emulate his street-style photography there.  The West comes from Mae West– a comedienne and star way ahead of her time.  Find out more at their website and check out this adorable photo of them sippin’ some Joe.

Congrats, Kate (and Nora), I wish you all the best!


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