this song is not about rosanna arquette.

I hate that I am posting two videos in a row here, but this weekend the conversation turned to toto and I feel I would be remiss if I didn’t discuss it here, on my blog piece. So, there’s a common myth that this song was written about Rosanna Arquette. She was dating the Toto keyboardist Steve Porcaro. But wait a minute– let’s call it what it is– he plays the synthesizer, very important to this song in particular. Even though the song’s not about Arquette, this video is top shelf. It’s a cross between West Side Story and Magnum PI (at least in the mustache category– these guys have ‘fros that would rival the Jackson Five and mustaches that Tom Selleck and Ron Burgundy would envy.

Another fun fact: though the song is not written for Arquette, another 80’s classic is. In Your Eyes, by Peter Gabriel. Amazing. If you could pick one eighties song to be written about you, which one would it be?


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