easy summer recipes.

Chilled Beets With Sour Cream

(c) Amy Neunsinger

While we’re on the subject of things I want for the summer, I want some amazing easy summer recipes I can make with things I have in the fridge!  I always get so excited for delicious recipes, and then totally frustrated when they require many ingredients I don’t have .  Here’s an example from Food52— this kale and mint salad looks amazing, but it requires pomegranate molasses.  I definitely do not have that lying around, nor do I know where I could easily get it.  Real Simple has just compiled 52 recipes that are simple– they use what you have in your cupboard to take advantage of the season’s bounty.  One of my favorites is their chilled beets with sour cream and dill.  Check out their other 51 recipes, or tell me what some of your favorite simple snacks are.


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