i’m awesome. she’s awesome.

photo via Whitney CPBG

Sometimes, when I am blue, I find myself comparing myself to others.  She’s smarter than I am, thinner than I am, prettier than I am, wittier than I am.  What if you could change all that and the next time you think of something nice about someone else– example: Her hair is perfect.  She has such an amazing sense of style” — you give yourself a compliment right back.  I am smart.  I am pretty.  I am fashionable. Result: instead of bitterness and jealousy you actually give yourself a little confidence boost!  We all have our low moments, and so why not change a negative feeling into a positive? As the great Maria in The Sound of Music once sang, “I have confidence in sunshine! I  have confidence in rain!”  I am going to channel my inner Maria and when I see someone who is awesome, I’ll remind myself of this: “She’s awesome.  I am also awesome.”  Happiness.


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