the empty page.

image via Hipstercrite.
I’ve read bloggers who complain of writer’s block, and in the past perhaps I’ve been too quick to judge.  I would think to myself, you are a blogger.  If you have writer’s block, just don’t write anything.  But today, this evening, July 1, I have promised myself that I will blog at least five times a week (a terrible admission to you, my audience, who must think I am amazingly inspired all the time and not in need of a pact with myself to make myself write the entries).  However, there it is, this promise I’ve made to myself, and now no new ideas for posts are emerging.  Even though I have a list of ideas, ready to go, ready to be developed.  My “Possible Blog Entries” list.  Somehow, reading over it now, it doesn’t inspire me.  So don’t judge, but this post will be about writer’s block.  Because I have it.  Bad.
So, instead of writing something from my own creative juices, I will quote Ben Franklin, who once said, “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”  I will aim to do more things in July worth writing about.  In the meantime, check out Hipstercrite’s thoughts on writer’s block.  They are worth reading.

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