a revelation.

a revelation.

This post is for the ladies! One of my favorite things in the world is a nice pair of panties that fits well and, ideally, matches the bra I am wearing. These articles of clothing are the most intimate thing you can put on. Your body is interacting with lingerie no matter what it is– cheapies from WalMart or fineries from La Perla. I encourage women everywhere to spend a little more to get something that fits well and feels beautiful, but to each her own. One thing we can all do, which I have just learned at age 32, is to cut the tags out of every pair of underwear you own. The first reason for this is comfort. It feels great when the tag is not bothering you. The second is appearance. If you have sheer underwear with a tag hanging down in the back, that’s a gaffe. The third is secrecy! I have a lot of size large panties– if I cut the tag out, no one has to know. And, while you have the scissors out, repeat the process with your bras. I just recently discovered this– quite the revelation– and now I have my work cut out for me. Here’s a pile of samples of removed tags. I’ve still got a long way to go.


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