another amazing commercial brought to you by Levi’s.

So, most of you may be familiar with Spike Jonze because you’re a huge Sofia Coppola fan or because you like that he made Where The Wild Things Are into a movie. I like Spike Jonze the most because he directed this commercial for Levi’s. I am not sure what exactly it has to do with jeans, but I can perfectly imagine what he was thinking when he made it. He was in a hospital, listening to the heart rate monitors, and inexplicably, Soft Cell’s Tainted Love pops into his head. He goes around the rest of the day without putting two and two together until all of a sudden, BLAM! There it is– it was the heart rate monitors that sounded just like the beat in Tainted Love. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.


i used to love this one.

I love well-done commercials, and this Levi’s ad from the mid-90’s is one of my favorites. I remember seeing it for the first time at 15 or 16 and thinking it was amazing. Plus, the guy in the elevator is still cute, even though it’s 2013. The ad itself still hasn’t lost its luster, either, even though the wide leg jeans are pretty terrible.