A lot of people have been asking for advice lately, so when I heard an NPR Fresh Air recently and Terry quoted this quote, it really resonated. A quick google search and BOOM– Erica had a lot of nuggets of wisdom to share.  Another favorite: “Jealousy is all the fun you think they had.”  More on that later.



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Yesterday at work I was given positive feedback by my big boss and let me tell you:  it was wonderful.  I smiled.  So, as I think about how great that made me feel, I realize that I could use a reminder to tell people I appreciate them.  In little ways.  In big ways.  Challenge yourself.  Tell your friend you like her.  Tell your server he’s great.  Tell a coworker that they are doing a good job.  It will make them smile.  And that will make you smile.  And that’s a good thing.

chalkboards and dance parties.


On a Friday night with my lovely friends Abby and Greg, we threw an impromptu dance party prompted by the new Daft Punk album. If you haven’t listened to this, you are missing out. Seriously. While we were dancing, Greg and Abby created the beautiful piece of art on my chalkboard you see before you. We danced like no one was watching, and by golly it was fun.

be nice.

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After a pretty long work week, it’s Friday!  And it’s time to kick off the work clothes and relax for the whole weekend.  My Friday thought this week is this: Be Nice to Yourself.  Tell yourself you are awesome.  Treat yourself to a treat.  Sleep in a little longer.  Go get a manicure.  Stay in the shower a couple of extra minutes.  Exercise.  Enjoy the exercise– don’t push it too hard.  This weekend, you are going to treat yourself kindly.

i’m awesome. she’s awesome.

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Sometimes, when I am blue, I find myself comparing myself to others.  She’s smarter than I am, thinner than I am, prettier than I am, wittier than I am.  What if you could change all that and the next time you think of something nice about someone else– example: Her hair is perfect.  She has such an amazing sense of style” — you give yourself a compliment right back.  I am smart.  I am pretty.  I am fashionable. Result: instead of bitterness and jealousy you actually give yourself a little confidence boost!  We all have our low moments, and so why not change a negative feeling into a positive? As the great Maria in The Sound of Music once sang, “I have confidence in sunshine! I  have confidence in rain!”  I am going to channel my inner Maria and when I see someone who is awesome, I’ll remind myself of this: “She’s awesome.  I am also awesome.”  Happiness.