oh, hi!

image via The Sunflower Club.

Considering my last post was over a week ago with the vow that I would stop procrastinating, here is my next post, which is mainly a check in to let you all know that I am not procrastinating.  I was busy at work prepping for my vacation, which I am on right now and it’s glorious.  I promise there are many pictures of seaside landscapes, sandcastle-dwelling crabs, sharks teeth, and more in your future, dear reader!  For now, it’s just me, checking in to say oh,hi!  And to tell you that I haven’t forgotten you.  There is more to come.


why i procrastinate (and how i am going to try to not).


Image via Project Management 2.0

I recently read an article in HOW magazine (seriously, check it out if you have not already) about why we procrastinate and how we can stop.  I am going to take this advice to heart.  Top reasons for procrastination are ringing true for me– let’s see if they do for you too.  Perfectionism (wanting to get it perfect the first time, yes, me); overwhelm (you feel like you have so many things to do you don’t know where to start– yes, me, again); lack of interest (the thing you want to do the least, even if it’s simple, is the thing you wait the longest to do– yes, me); lack of confidence (self-explanatory– me).  So, Bre Pettis, founder of Makerbot and a Brooklyn-based mover and shaker, co-authored the Done Manifesto with his friend Kio Stark in just 20 minutes, because that’s all the time they had to git’r’dun.  Bravo, boys.  Hang this up where you will see it when procrastination sets in.