a touch of camo.

A summer trend I am kind of digging right now (maybe it’s my Southern roots– I live in Virginia and grew up in Alabama) is camouflage as an accent.  I like it best when it’s a muted version of itself, or in a small detail, such as scarf or a pair of sunglasses.


I was first inspired last weekend when  a friend had this OtterBox for her cell phone.   This was just one thing that she had– and you never would have guessed that it belonged to her.  The perfect accent!  I wondered what other items might be out there.  And I found that Elle had just done a piece on this exact subject.  Here are a few of my own faves to get you started.

  • Splurge on these shades from Barney’s.
  • Save on this scarf from Mango.
  • Splurge on this sheer shirred tee from NSF, available at Farfetch.
  • Save on this cool pair of Tom’s from Uncrate.

What are you craving in camo this summer?